Quickie Review: A hot sexy read as the COSMO RED HOT READS series is known for, the GETTING OFF novella by Abby Green is not one you want to miss. The novella starts off with a quick plunge into sexiness, but a real sexiness that you can put yourself within. It is something I like about this series, it’s not all swooning and hot guys that dish out multiple-orgasms just by touching inner thighs. These characters come together nice and rough, fight, live their real life and then fall in love.

In GETTING OFF by Anny Green you have Caitlin and Liam. Caitlin is a naive Irish transplant, visiting New York for the first time, intent on living life and maybe having an orgasm. She quickly meets Liam, a mysterious hottie, that has “possible orgasm inducing” potential written all over him. He fails though…and Caitlin thinks that is it for Liam. Until she walks into a bar to apply for a job and there is Liam. Then the fun starts.

Don’t miss GETTING OFF and spend an hour or two with Caitlin and Liam, you won’t be disappointed.