Snark Week Begins FTW.

Are you ready for this? I don’t think I am, but here we go.

Day 1: Snark Attack! Tell us how you really feel about a particular blogging subject. Let it off your chest. This is your chance to just EXPLODE!

Snark Week: Snark Attack

I guess mine isn’t about a particular subject it’s more like a convergence of events and IQ points and attitudes that makes me go crazy.

I’ll start this out with a statement about myself. I know, that I can be a bit judgmental and a bit bitchy. Sorry. I try my hardest to keep my thoughts zipped up, especially when they are rather heated thoughts about touchy subjects. But, sometimes I just can’t help myself. Especially when I’ve been given a pass, like during Snark Week.

And this usually happens when I’m confronted by a certain type of person that possesses qualities that I perceive to be unintelligent, inconsiderate or lazy.

I am usually confronted with this type of person at Wal-Mart, while driving, in line at the DMV and other government service places and finally in the carpool line. Lines usually are the biggest proponent of fostering stupid, inconsiderate and lazy behavior.

But, sometimes these qualities manifest in our blogging niche. And egads, it drives me up the wall.

Born Stupid

I find the “Unintelligent” quality manifesting when I read/view a blog post and the blogger decided to post an opinion piece and they haven’t researched their post. They accuse some random person of doing something they didn’t do – or they take a stance on some political or hot topic issue and literally show their ass. Because they didn’t research the topic. Or they are just riding another person’s opinion…that they read somewhere… or caught a random tweet about. They basically just took a talking point that they heard/read/skimmed and then they go off on it. This happens via posts and more often via social networks. How about you research it before you post about it!!!!! Just a suggestion. The fact that you just claimed that this author plagiarized a particular book and then come to find out it was the opposite – well that was just – well yeah. Stupid can manifest in a considerable amount of ways in our blogging niche, but this just happens to be the latest thing that I’ve read that embodies stupid, so I thought I would share. Yup. True story.

Now for the inconsiderate d-bags. These are the people that have only one focus. Themselves. They have some goal in mind and you are a means to an end for their goal. They don’t give two licks about you as a person, they just think that you can do something for them. You can promote their blog – just because they follow you on twitter. And they tweet you that exact statement. They think that because they follow you – you should buy their book. They think that because they are doing your meme – you should do  certain things for them. Yeah, I have a certain prominent finger pointing in thier direction. I don’t owe you inconsiderate person anything….please stop emailing me. I will not design your site for free – because you are broke and you have followed me for 3 months. I will not buy your book because it’s just like Twilight. I will not post your Guest Post because you have a baby blog and big blogs need to pay more attention to start-ups.


Finally, lazy. Probably the worst. Mainly because I dated this guy when I was about nineteen. This guys was the laziest son of a goat you’ve ever met. Why I dated him, I have no idea. I was young and stupid (we are all guilty of it!), he wasn’t even hot. I became an OCD neat freak after that relationship ended. And I abhor laziness. Which I’ll give him credit for. Thanks, Mr. Exy Pants, I’m OCD and I have a chronic fear of buffets and you can take the credit. Obviously, he can blame me for not being able to hold on to a relationship and his career goal is getting promoted to head bouncer at the crusty strip club he’s currently employed at (love Facebook). And I take full responsibility. *evil laugh* But, let’s get back to laziness.

Two people are standing in a room. A question is asked to both of them that they do not know the answer. The first person looks around the room, then begins walking up to other people in the room and posing the question to them, hoping they know the answer. The other person pulls out their smart phone and looks up the answer on Google.

Google it.

Stupid question

The lazy bloggers want your ARCs. They want your followers. They want you to answer all their questions. And they think that they deserve it. Instead of looking up publishers on their websites, they would rather email you for your publishing contacts. They would rather go to your site and copy and paste your policies (because it’s just policy text) and use it on their own site.

Read your blog

It’s so okay, they read your blog. You are their mentor. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

They will take your reviews, rewrite them – so they don’t even have to read the book.

They’ll regurgitate other blogger’s content so they can have tips & tricks. They’ll steal your ideas because they have the creativity of a slug and can’t think up their own ideas. They’ll take your designs and place them in their own portfolios because they’re dumb and lazy and foreign and have no concept of intellectual property. Because they were too lazy to look up copyright rules on the internet. Don’t like lazy people much.

Yup.If anything in this post offended you, I’m sorry. Click on any of the images for a sincere apology.


Well, I think that is about it. That was much longer then I expected. Happy Snark Week!!!!! Add your own Snarktastic post here: