Hey, there. This is my weekly post about the awesome things.

As I sit here in a Starbucks this morning, I’m reminiscing about my favorite coffee shops gone past. There was a time when I wouldn’t have stepped foot in a Starbucks. But, alas, I have sold out. I think selling out comes with age and lack of time. I don’t have the time to locate and experiment with new coffee shops.  I know I can go to Starbucks and get the same latte I always get. I know there’s wifi. I know what to expect of the people. There’s a certain level of comfort in that.

My very first coffee shop was Cyrano’s in Houston down on Montrose. I adored that coffee shop. My friends and I would go several times a week. It’s where espresso and I met. I was all of 17 and felt oh so sophisticated. And then the unthinkable happened. Cyrano’s closed. Back then the coffee shops were kind of branded with a clientele like clubs are now. I wasn’t a rich kid and I wasn’t preppy.  So I starting going to Cafe Artiste which I believe is still there. Though I hear it’s not as good as it once was.

Cafe Artiste is where I went through my writing in a black sketch book phase. I know. Don’t judge me. And as the name indicates, its walls were covered with art from local artists.  I would sometimes sit and stare at the artwork and daydream. So I fell in love with Cafe Artiste and it became our new hangout.

My selling out started when I moved to Austin during my college years and there wasn’t a convenient coffee shop for me to go to. I needed caffeine. I was working 40 hrs a week and taking 15 hrs of classes.  Time became an issue.

So now as I sit listening to jazz at a reclaimed urban wood table eating my breakfast sandwich while sipping on my vanilla latte as I type out this post on free wifi, I kind of don’t feel bad for selling out. My name is Sabrina and I like Starbucks.

Have any of you sold out with me? Or are there still some of you out there who are loyal to a one-off coffee shop? Do any of you despise Starbucks with the raging fire of a 100 suns like my 17 year old self? What do you look for in a coffee shop? Do you actually stop and sit or are you a drive through type?