A few weeks I read the Survival novella series by Tracey Ward. All three of them. In like two days. The story was unique, so I didn’t hesitate at all to download and begin her first zombie series. What I found in the first book Until the End, was everything I loved about the Survival series, plus more.

Ali and Jordan are strangers. They live on the same floor at there apartment building. Both are students at the same school, but Ali is a loner. She keeps everyone at a distance, and has since she found her mom, dead by her own hand, in her kitchen when she was sixteen. Ali handles her mother’s suicide and the aftershocks in her own unique way, but not handling it, she masks her feelings and problems with humor.

Jordan is something like a white knight. He seriously is, and it’s kind of nice to read about a really nice guy for once. He saves Ali from having her face eaten by her roommate. His reasons for saving her are a little off, but still he continues to save Ali, and she him. They truly form a really solid bond throughout these pages.

My favorite thing about Ward’s writing is the way she weaves humor throughout the story. I have never laughed so hard at the apocalypse. Ali, just getting home from her therapist, is pleasantly surprised to find her roommate eating her other roommate.

“I had harbored a small hope that she’d ignore me seeing as she already had dinner, but she always has been a selfish, greedy bitch.”

I found her candid, and blunt dialogue refreshing. It mirrors the way that I, and the people I am friends with speak to each other.

I highly recommend this book, and the Survival series to zombie fans.

Note these book contain things that aren’t suitable for all young readers. They have drug, and drinking references. There is a fair amount of swearing as well.