New Releases!

Have you been waiting patiently for these gems? No? I wonder why. Could it be you judged this book by its cover? No? Don’t lie. I totally judged.


Cover Junk Edition

Our first gem…

Cover Junk, Bad eBook Covers

I think the ‘shopped head on the floating body builder says it all about this particular cover…or maybe it was the fact that this was actually produced from a publisher and a staff cover-artist. Nothing on this cover makes sense, from the typography – how many fonts can you count, not to mention that 3 that is just up there Bear 3 County? Or maybe I’m thrown off that the author is The Lynn Hagen. Or what the actual series is.. ManLove Collection (Is ManLove one word?) or Bear 3 County? Luckily my eye keeps on getting drawn to the man nips to the ‘shopped in bear…so I don’t pay much attention to the typography.

Cover Junk, Bad eBook Covers

I understand what the artist was trying to do here, but they failed miserably. This is one of the most boring covers I have seen in awhile, boring but at the same time, the bad gradient assaults my retinas. Then the fact that they couldn’t visually center the text assaults my equilibrium. Now you don’t have to center text on a cover, this is not a set in stone design style, but the type is so large and so “close” to being centered that it only looks like a mistake and not a design style. And BTW my iPhone doesn’t look like this. There is another edition of this cover which is much better, even though the circles are a bit much.

Cover Junk, Bad eBook Covers

Just ewww. Ewww.

Cover Junk, Bad eBook Covers

This one screams DIY. I can’t figure out what the circle point thing is. And that is all I see. Or maybe the halo around the silhouette.

And finally….who wore stock hottie the best?

I’m going for the Tentacle one…just for the sake of tentacles…

Who wore the stock photo the best?