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There are some words that I just hate. It may be as simple as how they sound. It may be what they are associated with. It could be connotation. It could be that they are just stupid IMO.

Here are my Top Ten Words That Should DIE:

1. I simply hate the way this word sounds. Β It really bugs me.


2. Yeah this one is kind of obvious.


3. Just gross.


4. Again, gross.


5. There are so many things wrong with this. If you are talking about doing something because you only live once, maybe you could associate it with something amazing rather than “I did something stupid and this is my excuse.” Also, you actually live repeatedly, like every day.


6. No, no, no! It’s prob-a-bly!


7. Saying this will not get desired effect.


8. It could be because it rhymes with pube…


9. This one is in honor of one of my best friends. He thinks it sounds like your doing something inappropriate to yourself. Now, I can never hear it the same.


10. Yuck!



What are your words that need to die? Share!