For today’s Book Blogger Buzz Tour I have the wonderful Jannelle of Jannelle Reads!
I had the pleasure of meeting Janelle at RT2014 and she is definitely a blogger to know! The fact that she is a chef and includes great recipes with her book love makes my day, since I’m a foodie along with being a book lover…how can you not be? 😀
Jannelle will be discussing on the tour today:

What trends do you want to see next in book blogging?

Hello everyone and thank you, Rachel, for having me on your blog!

So today we are going to be talking about which trends I would like to see next in book blogging.

Honestly, what I really want to talk about first is the trend I feel like we will be seeing next in the book blogging community – book vlogging.

What is vlogging, exactly? Vlogging is a video blog (you can find these all over YouTube). The most popular vlogs you can find are usually of the comedic and beauty variety with followers in the millions – it’s insane! These people become “YouTube famous” from the amount of subscribers they have on their channels.

Recently, I stumbled upon the book vloggers who call themselves, “book-tubers.” I have become semi-obsessed following their different channel updates which can vary anywhere from book reviews to bookshelf tours. I even wrote an entire blog post of my favorite YouTubers which you can find on my blog, here. 

Not only do I believe that is this the next big thing in book blogging but also what I want to see next in the book blogging community. Because – let’s be real people – the masses love television – I love television. Anything visual and pretty (or, let’s face it, gruesome) is what everyone wants to watch/read/be a part of. Book vlogging also has appeal because it creates a more personal experience for the audience. Since reality TV came into our lives, we have become infatuated with “behind the scenes” news and videos of what people are doing when they are not on camera or on camera but at home. We’re nosy, people!

And if we are honest with ourselves, the only time that books begin to get a mass following is when there is a movie adaptation made from said book because this is what attracts the masses.
I like it when some bloggers/writers say that they don’t worry about being heard; they write to simply write. Well, props to them for their love of anonymity but I want to be heard. We write for those words to be read and we speak so that our words are heard.

By going on the vlogging route, we can almost guarantee that we will be expanding our audience –  win!

It is also a lot more practical for the everyday person to watch/listen to something while they are taking care of anything else – cooking, cleaning, etc. It takes time for people to sit down and read something and people are trying to save as much time as possible while trying to make the most out of every second.
In this and most every aforementioned aspect, vlogging>blogging. The only problem? Thousands of people are trying to create their own channel and therefore, their own following. Slowly, this is becoming the next big thing and trying to find a unique voice will become progressively more difficult as time passes. The solution? Start vlogging – now!

What trends do you think we will be seeing next in book blogging and which would you like to see?

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