Our Book Blogger Problems Can’t be Understood b

  • Shelf Space
  • Finishing an ARC that just happens to be a cliffhanger and realizing the next book doesn’t come out for a year and a half!

Book Blogger Problems


  • Getting hyped up by a title and then hating it
  • Purses big enough to fit our books/eReader and still look cute
  • Feigning illness so you can stay inside and read
  • Your online friends know you better then your coworkers
  • You now only receive Barnes & Noble gift certificates for every holiday
  • You seriously have to decide if you would rather get take-out tonight or purchase the latest Kresley Cole title (hate budgets!)
  • The phenom new widget/gadget/plugin is only available on THAT OTHER blogging platform!
  • Your blogging nemesis just had her blog redesigned and it looks so good…feeling inadequate
  • You just can’t wrap your head around HTML/CSS


Book Blogger Problems


  • Five giveaway entries (WTH is that?!)
  • Workplace has a firewall that blocks social media!
  • Your favorite author is having a midlife crisis and is now writing Western themed erotica instead of your favorite series…
  • Writing a really negative review about a book and then running into that author at a reading convention, of course he/she notices you…
  • Getting glared at by said author while you share an elevator
  • Authors going on hiatus even though they haven’t finished their series…
  • Forgetting a blog tour
  • Email


Did I miss any of your particular Book Blogger Problems??