FIre Rising by Donna GrantFire Rising (Dark Kings #2)  by Donna Grant

This Paranormal Romance had too many inconsistencies and I just couldn’t get into the title. Not to mention the style and writing were not to my taste. After the heroine runs away and hides in the woods – she sees the hero in his dragon form and doesn’t have a “OMG I just say a dragon” moment – just a ”oooh he’s pretty.” I was done.

Hard-core Paranormal Romance fans might really enjoy. But this title just wasn’t for me.





A Shiver of Light

A Shiver of Light (Merry Gentry #9)  by Laurell K. Hamilton

I went into this one with positive thoughts and I was actually pretty excited to get back into the world of Merry Gentry. A third of the book in, the characters still hadn’t had sex – like whoah! – but all they did was talk about them not being able to have sex. The story didn’t progress, it was just “we can’t have sex, because I just had a few babies.” Then by the time they figured out they could have oral sex – and then had a lengthy discussion of who would go first…I was done.