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I’m just going to say it. Chuck Wendig freaks me geek. This man’s name is synonymous with hilarious. You know when you read something, and you really are sitting there chuckling to yourself, and you want to respond, and “lol” doesn’t work because it’s cliched, and so you think of ways to show that you really are laughing out loud? Yeah, that with all of his blog posts and tweets.

Ok, so maybe I should give more information than just a name for those of you who aren’t familiar with Chuck Wendig.  He’s an author, blogger, all-around funny man. He has a wry, snarky sense of humor.  Wendig writes the Miriam Black Series (reviews of which will be forthcoming). But what really makes me a fan is his writing about being a writer and the writing process. He has several how-to books for writers.  The latest being The Kick-Ass Writer: 1001 Ways to Write Great Fiction, Get Published, and Earn Your Audience. This book is so funny it’ll make you snort.

Another source for giggling at your computer screen is his blog Terrible Minds. Here is a rather persuasive post he did on spanking (children not subs). Seriously, you should subscribe. It’s one of those emails that I almost always open and read.  And that says a lot. How many times have you subscribed to a blog and been like “delete” when the email comes in because you’re too lazy to unsubscribe? Yeah, me too. And to put a cherry on top, his tweets never disappoint. So while you’re subscribing, you should wander over to Twitter and follow him at @ChuckWendig.



So are there any other Wendig fans out there? Any other authors you can think of who not only write books but have awesomeness on a blog/twitter?

Warning: Chuck Wendig uses naughty language so if that really bothers you do not do any of the above suggestions.