The bane of every Bloggers existence is email.

The key is organization. And knowing that you can’t do it all or respond to all of the emails.

Here are some tips to keeping your email organized and easy to use.

  1. Label & Categorize
    Tag all your VIPs, contacts and cobloggers with special labels or flags or have them auto-moved to special folders.
  2. Delete
    Delete messages that you don’t need. Archive and delete. Don’t be scared. Just delete.
  3. Special Email Time
    Designate a special time for checking and responding to emails. Maybe it is first thing in the morning, or the first thing you do when you sit down at your desk. Just make sure you set aside time specifically for email.
  4. Respond in a timely fashion
    If you don’t respond to the email when you read it, chances are you will let it go and maybe not respond at all. Respond right after you read the email or shortly after.
  5. Utilize Filters
    Spam filters, filters set for specific keywords, filters for certain @domains. Put those filters to work. For example, my Mail program scans my emails and if it says “review my book” the email goes into a special folder.
  6. Folders Are Your Friends
    Create folders, to-do, for immediate response, interesting etc and use them.
  7. Check email daily
    Skipping a day can be disastrous if you get a ton of email, make sure to check daily.
  8. Unsubscribe
    All that junk email you are getting takes time to delete. Unsubscribe from all those lists. And then your inbox will not be cluttered and you will not have to keep hitting delete.
  9. Quick & Dirty Responses
    You don’t have to write a novel when sending a response email. The average email is five sentences, don’t waste your time or the recipients time, get to the point quickly.
  10. Use Templates
    Do you generate the same kind of email over and over again? Requests, or introductions – save them as drafts and just INSERT key words needed.