I’m The Geeky Junkee, and I like to talk about those things that freak my geek. Join me on Fridays to talk about the awesome things.

I started a FGF post about purses and then it went flat. My whole purpose for this post is to share with you things that freak my geek. Typically through the week, something shiny catches my attention, and I latch on like a toddler holding something too small for her to have (if you have kids that’ll totally make sense). But after I wrote about #1 on my purse top ten, I found myself forcing the content, and I knew that it would have come across that way. I knew there was no way I could publish that garbage.

So after I realized that the post wasn’t going to work, I went looking for something to freak my geek. Can I tell you that is almost impossible to do? I looked around the web, Twitter, FB, etc. and nada. It was just me and the dreaded blinking cursor. So here it is the “I Don’t Know What Freaks My Geek” post. Can you imagine the horror of needing to write a post about something that excites you and nothing at that moment actually does excite you?

Does this ever happen to you? You have a deadline, and you think you are going to meet it, and bam nope! My fellow bloggers, have you ever had a post go flat? What do you do to inspire yourself and meet deadlines? How do you force creativity?

By the way, here is the purse that inspired the original post. I saw this purse at RT14 and I totally coveted it. Unfortunately, Kate Spade only sells it during flash sales, but I was happy to find it on Ebay. I totally adore it and I carry it almost everyday.

Kate Spade All Typed Up Clyde