Do you implement Headers?

SEO 101 and Web Standards say that proper blog writing for optimal reading and search engine crawls includes a hierarchy in your post. Structure.

That means hierarchical headers should be implemented, offset by paragraphs and list items.

So instead of using a pretty image…

GiveawayYou should use the H2 tag and announce that the post is a…


Of course if you have fancy CSS skills or can afford someone to do it for you, you can style your Header tags to look like images. This gives you the best of both worlds, the crazy look of an image, with the searchable text of well text.

It really is up to you, sometimes inserting an image is a hassle and takes more time. Much easier to just select Header3 from the drop down in the post editor. Not to mention inserting images into your post can increase your load time when people view your post.

But, images can be so pretty.


What do you prefer?

Me personally, I utilize the headers. I have them styled in a way that they look kind of like images. My search engine traffic though isn’t crazy, so I’m not a testament to SEO – all my traffic comes from social networks and the Google Traffic I do get, is a lot of people looking for my movie reviews and free downloads of books. Unfortunately.


P.S. If you like images you can download the FreeGraphics here, in the style of the images shown above.

Images included (meant for white post areas):

  • Author Interview
  • Blog Tour
  • Cover Reveal
  • Feature
  • Giveaway
  • Guest Post
  • Join the Fun
  • Pardon the Rant…
  • Review
  • Winner