PJV Quickie: While this sexy short had a preexisting romance, I still enjoyed the interplay between the two characters.  Both Hunter and Rosie felt like real characters and the romance felt authentic.

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Burned by Sarah Morgan

Burned by Sarah Morgan

Series: Miller Sisters #2
Published by Harlequin on 2014-06-01
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 80
3.5 Stars

Join London's hottest martial arts gym now!Every girl needs some self-defense. But at Fit and Physical, you'll learn martial arts and get fit at the same time. Look great, feel better and kick a little butt! Check out one-on-one personal training with our favourite karate black belt, Rosie Miller. She loves her job, the world of martial arts, and her life is just…well, brilliant.Trainer and martial artist Rosie Miller's zen is seriously compromised when Hunter Black—her former coach and lover—becomes her new boss. With all the sexual energy still crackling between them, her poor little zen doesn't stand a chance. So this time, Rosie is determined to do more than put up self-defense. She and Hunter are going to play by her rules….

Review: The novella is about two characters that were previously in love, or at least the female heroine was in love with the hero, who left her with no word or reason for their break-up. It devastated Rosie, so when she spots Hunter in a restaurant, she freaks out. Her freak out is even worse, when she realizes Hunter has purchased the gm in which she works and now he is her boss. Most of the first part of the novella is Rosie contemplating quitting, running-away, or just giving in and jumping all over Hunter and confessing that she still wants him/loves him/hates him. Full of angst, which leads to super sexy time and the falling in love of the characters, with the explanation of abandonment, making the story a really good one. Good because the characters acted normally, they behaved like normal, rational human beings. Their explanations made sense and fit the scenario.

There were some down parts to the novel, one being the preexisting love that Rosie held for Hunter. It was redeemed in part by the agnst and insecurities of the reunion, but with novellas, I do find this happens more, so the author doesn’t have to go over these introductions and already has instant feels set in place. Overall though a great read and one I recommend to contemporary romance fans.

Recommendations: Fans of modern contemporary romance novels should really enjoy, especially authors like Sylvia Day. This is an adult romance and the sex is described and explicit.