The Great Organization Pursuit has led me to scheduling apps and plugins that would work hand-in-hand with my blogging experience. I’m one of these techies that does not want to pick up a pen. I tried, I really did. I printed my schedule, I filled it out and then I pushed it to the side. I want to open my computer, fill out spreadsheets – and automate everything.

TONS of web ads & promotional tweet led me to a plugin called CoSchedule.

I mean there are positive reviews about this plugin everywhere. It is probably because if you write a review about the plugin you get it for 50% off for a year. That is a very seductive pull to write a positive review. I wonder if you still get the 50% off if you write a negative review?

Social Media Editorial Calendar For WordPress

A quick Screenr of the CoSchedule plugin if you are interested:

On the surface, the CoSchedule plugin is a great addition to my blogging experience. Some handy features include:

  • Schedule reviews in a handy calendar
  • See at a glance posting
  • Schedule Social posting within our posts

CoSchedule Calendar Review, Organize Your Blog

  • Drag and Drop posts to different days
  • Add multiple blogs (this is a huge plus for users that blog on many different blogs)
  • Comment and create tasks on other bloggers posts

CoSchedule Price is a bit high

It is a great plugin – and it can get you organized, especially if you are a multi-author blog. But, it is a little advanced. Some of my writers expressed that the plugin was a little complex. I didn’t feel this way, but I quickly digest technical doo-hickeys. In fact I thought it was a great plugin. It has wonderful potential. But there is a downside to this plugin. A $10 a month downside.

CoSchedule Costs $10 a Month

I would have gladly paid a one-time payment, probably $25 – $40, which is what I am willing to pay for a great plugin. But, I’m scared of the idea of another monthly payment for my blog. Why oh why?! But pushing that price up as the top con – and the fact that you can get Free plugins that do similar, if not, as good of a job…but they are free, makes this an “iffy” purchase. I know, I’m cheap!

I might even have considered this plugin if it had even more features then what you can get with other free plugins, like Event Flow, Editorial Calendar and Google Calendar. Features like:

  • Task/Commenting outside of a blog post (like designating weeks and months with special labeling)
  • Color Coding by Categories (wouldn’t it be amazing if you designated a Blog Tour, Giveaway, Review, or Misc — and it came up as a different color)

Overall though, it is a great plugin and worth a looksie, and I will maybe give this a go for 1 month, but like I said, I’m loathe to add another monthly bill to my blogging regime. I’m currently up to a few subscriptions….