One of the hardest things about blog tour participation runs with the organization of said tours. Keeping them straight – because I have a confession to make – I’ve screwed up a few tour stops in my day. Ok it was last week. Sorry Jamie!!!!

How do I fix this? Organization. Keeping on top of things, which is sometimes REALLY hard with blogging, especially if the stop falls on a Monday and I have a very busy.

In my quest to get organized, here are some tips I came up with for my own blog on how to keep my blog tours organized:

1. Write them down!

The moment I sign up for a tour, I write it down on my calendar.

2. Use Your Calendar. Organize Your Blog Tours

Use an editorial calendar or Google calendar, printed planner, to track your tour dates. Check out how The Book Nympho organizes her tours(above pic) – ZOMG – wish I was this organized.

I currently use an editorial calendar in WordPress. I’m in the trial mode with Co-Schedule, which is a premium MONTHLY editorial calendar. Don’t know if I’m up for that — but it does the job. I make sure to put in EVERYTHING I sign-up for, even if it is a tentative schedule.
Keeping organized as a Blogger

3. Use a Spreadsheet.

Fancy XLS files can be your friend. Organize using a spreadsheet, you can also track what tour companies you work with the most and authors you love to pimp because of original content.

4. Keep a Journal.

Jot down quick notes on a notepad near your computer. When you sign-up for a blog tour, jot it down.

5. Be Specific.

Sign up for specific dates, instead of leaving things open. Katrina Tinnon suggested if you do sign up for multiple dates, jot them down in a planner in pencil and then just come back and erase the dates not being used

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Tips on organizing your blog tours