So, what do you think of Blog Tours?

Firstly, for those of you knew to the fine art of blogging about books, a Blog Tour is a virtual “author event.” Where the author “appears” on your blog for a given day/time/period. Usually accompanied by specific content, related to a book or series.

Blog Tours are usually hosted by a third party individual, it might be a blog tour company, publisher, pr rep, or “helpful” blogger.

There is a Good, Bad and Blah side of Blog Tours…and now let’s discuss…

The Good Side of Blog Tours:

  • The ability to connect with authors that you might normally not be able to connect with
  • Content for your site
  • They usually have a giveaway included which generates page views – holla…
  • You don’t have to do as much work as usual…
  • Original Content – maybe
  • Getting a HOT ARC for review
  • Promoting awesome authors
  • Being part of a team event
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Any Good Points I missed?

The Bad Side of Blog Tours:

  • The Constant barrage of emails from new tour companies popping up left and right
  • Exclusivity of “in demand” blog tour companies with hot authors
  • Flaky authors/tour managers (have you guys been there? You sign up for a tour date – and no post shows up)
  • Heady scheduling – far in advanced
  • Loss of control (you never know what is going to show up in your inbox)
  • The chance of it not being original content
  • If your review turns out less-than-positive – AWKWARD
  • The book bloggers that seem to be only blog tours/blitzes bloggers (we should rename them… Book Blitzers)
  • Your content turns out to be only promo copy
  • The term blitz
  • D-bag tour company workers that treat you – like they are doing you a favor…not the other way around. Because I mean – they are usually (not always) making money of this tour and your stop is generating them income. So technicallyย  – you are doing them a favor. Because you don’t get paid.
  • D-bag tour company workers that act like you are being greedy when you ask for an ARC/Book to go along with the tour. Gotta get paid some how, right?!

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Any Bad Points I missed?

The Blah Side of Blog Tours:

  • They are hard to manage & organize
  • How much is too much?
  • Finding the best tour companies that respect your blog
  • Getting timely notifications and emails with scheduling
  • Turning down email requests
  • Reviewing in a timely fashion to satisfy tour hosts
  • Tours for authors that you are not familiar with

Whoopie Pie

Any Blah Points I missed?

I know I might fall into the majority with some of these bad points, above. I have strict guidelines when I put a tour on my site. You want to hear them?

  • No cover reveals unless it is semi-exclusive (1-5 sites max)
  • No promo/blitzes, unless something AWKWARD happens
  • Content must be original (never posted on another site)
  • A proven tour company (this is a tough one – I currently only use Kismet and Rockstar), a lot are tried and scratched off the list, but I do like to keep an open mind

I put a lot of emphasis on original content. I know not everyone does, and to each their own, but that is my thing. I’m embarrassed for my blog when something awkward happens and I have to throw up just promo copy with a giveaway. Hopefully it is a good giveaway. Or the sneaky times an author has regurgitated Guest Posts. That has happened twice. Don’t like that much. But, again that is my personal preference regarding my blog – and now I want to know your personal preference.

What do you think of Blog Tours? How many blog tours do you participate in monthly? What are your favorite blog tour companies? What annoys you the most about blog tours? Any Blog Tour horror stories you want to share?

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