Hey guys, I was keeping my design blog  and book blog separate, but I’ve been reading up on organization – and most of them say that maintaining blogs, plural can be overwhelming and if there is no plausible reason for it – why do it? (Like if one is an adult blog – the other is a kiddie blog etc – that is a good reason) So, I will be posting now and again about design things…of course design things that are book blogger/author target specific.

That being said, here is the latest from Parajunkee Design.

Premade Design for Blogger

A premade, Magazine Style Template, just for blogger, in a hipster style. I had worked on the coding behind this magazine style for a long time, working the kinks out for a customized blog I did, so this one is pretty tight. The First post will always be nice and featured at top. The thumbnails are modified to be perfect for book covers, but will also work for horizontal images.

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