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Ok, people, it’s on.  I’m doing it.  Gauntlets are being thrown. Tables turned over. Screams of victory in the night.

Here are my Top Ten Authors.

1. Ilona Andrews

Ilona and Gordon are number one because they introduced me to the Urban Fantasy genre and because they are amazing. Their worldbuilding is seamless. Their characters are simply awesome. I love everything they write. They have several series now: Kate Daniels, The Edge, Clean Sweep, and Hidden Legacy.

2. Molly Harper

Molly Harper could write on a napkin and I would read it. She has the uncanny ability to write snarky, witty, hilarious books that don’t get repetitive or stale.  Love, love her Nice Girls series. Jane is freaking hilarious. If you like a lot of laughing with your romance then these books are for you. I love all of these Books/Series. The Nice Girls series follows Jane, but the rest of the series follow different characters in each book.

3. Darynda Jones

One word: Charley.  I adore the Charley Davidson series. Darynda Jones is another author whose writing is snarky and funny. If you want to giggle as you read, then read these books!

4. Jeaniene Frost

So Jeaniene Frost’s characters are sexy and dangerous.  Several words: Cat, Bones, Slade, Vlad, and Mancheres. And, ahem, Chapter 32…

5. Tahereh Mafi

Tahereh Mafi’s books are poetry in prose. She is a word seamstress. I sometimes read her books not for the story but for the words. If you haven’t tried the Shatter Me series, you must do that now. Simply amazing.

6. Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series is wonderful: solid storytelling, worldbuilding, and myth/legend integration.  Three words: Mercy, Adam, and Charles.

Now, the battle rages on in a fierce fight to the death…

7. Douglas Adams

Ok, so I struggled. To stay within Paranormal/UF or not? I decided to open up the genre, and so I have to include Douglas Adams. His dry sense of humor alone is enough to make the list.

8. William Faulkner

William Faulkner was the author who introduced me to stream of consciousness writing. He let me know that stories aren’t only told through direct prose.

I can’t do it! But I must.

9. Amanda Stevens

I added Amanda Stevens to the list because I actually get goosebumps when I read her books.  She has eerie down.

Gah! It can’t be done!

10. Charlaine Harris

Umm…she’s Charlaine Harris.  I love Sookie like everybody else, but my favorite series of hers is the Harper Connelly series.  Try it out if you haven’t yet.

So many more. They’re bare-knuckling fighting now. Eileen Wilks and Faith Hunter are …What about Kresley Cole? Rachel Caine just threw a cup of coffee…Chloe Neill is waving.

So, who makes your Top Ten Authors of ALL TIME. Let the BATTLE rage on!