Dishing Giveaways – Discussion Post

Do you remember the days? The days before Rafflecopter? When you had to comment for each and every entry? The days when you had to use something like, tally up all entries, count, multiply, divide… it was often easier to just ask for a few extra entries and be done with it.

But now with the inception of Rafflecopter…you can ask for anything and you just press a button! A woosh you have a winner!

Giveaway Entries too much?

Which brings us back to this Dishing Junk. I want to dish giveaways. I want you to dish giveaways with me. The rant posts about ALL THOSE EXTRA entries are ridiculous – all ended with the inception of these giveaway apps. Because they are so easy and entrants can easily choose what and what and what they want to do.

  • I’ve seen people DISH it about the “come back tomorrow” entries. Which I actually like. I really like this one, because it gets people coming back to your site everyday. Love that.
  • I’ve seen people DISH about the MONSTER giveaways that a million people are participating in. But people enter those…so they work.
  • I’ve seen people FREAK out about the fact that there might by FTC regulations to force people to follow or like or subscribe. Will the government come after me if I do a MANDATORY require to follow me???
  • What is too small of a giveaway to matter?
    • Do you think people care about eBooks?
    • Do people only want to enter for BIG giveaways?
    • Will a little gift card be a hot commodity??
  • What is too big? Do you think they are REALLY giving away these things?

Personally my answer to these questions, usually resolves with – I don’t enter many giveaways. And if I do, I will not jump through hoops to enter all these extra entries, the prize isn’t WORTH that much effort. Isn’t that terrible? Is it because I don’t think I’m going to win it anyway, so why waste time??

I know people win these, I host giveaways, I’ve sent people Paperwhites, Kindle Fires, $100 paypal cash and BOXES of books. People are winning these, I guess I’m just not winning them. But, maybe because I’m not doing all the extra entries. Someone who has 20 entries has a better chance of winning then me, who just does the main entry, right?

Logic would say, that people who enter giveaways, want more chances to win…so all those extra entries should be awesome for them, right?

So, what are your thoughts?? Do you enter giveaways? Do you host giveaways with a lot of extra entries?

What would you do for a small cash prize?

I actually tried to see how many entries I could “reasonably” add to a giveaway, while trying out a new Giveaway app program. It can be a lot…will people enter it? Will you? Sorry for the rambling Dish!


$5 Amazon or Paypal Cash

This is a new Giveaway Tool, I’m testing out, from It was relatively easy to use, not as easy as Rafflecopter, but you more options. And the choice of adding a picture – without having to pay a monthly subscription.