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  • I’m going to take my head out of the CRAZY World Cup matches that went on over the weekend, and attempt to bring you some of my favorite bookish links from the week.
  • Christmas in July Book Swap is all about sending another blogger 1 item from their wishlist and 1 item of your choosing. Sign-ups are open between June 16 – 30, 2014.

  • What Do I Read Now? is a guest blogging series that’s open for contributions. Share a book you like and similar recommendations.

  • Summer Reading Recommendations from the TED Community has some seriously heady titles on it. This is a good list to comb through for non-fiction books (although fiction is represented … but not speculative fiction).

  • A Bunch of Awesome Summer Reading Lists from NPR has you covered. They picked the theme of “travel” and really went to town on picking books that feature modes of transportation. I LOVE how NPR is getting creative with their lists. I was totally crushing on their Best Books of 2013 Website app.

  • 10 Signs That Reading Has Taken Over Your Life is ummm … so true! “You spend half your days walking around like a zombie because you just HAD to stay up and read “one more chapter.” Which, in the end turned out being the rest of the book.”

  • Blogging for Books versus Blogging Because of Books is a very interesting look at … the way we word things. Do you write a disclaimer on your reviews of books that you receive from services like Netgalley or Edelweiss saying you “received this book in exchange for your honest review?” I don’t promise anything when I accept advanced copies of books, so I don’t have that as a disclaimer.

  • What are some of your favorite bookish podcasts? I found quite a few new ones to try from The Best Book-Related Podcasts but I have to admit, I’m not as into podcasts as I once used to be.

  • If you’re looking for a fun bookish idea to try on your blog, look no further than “Today’s Post Is Brought to You by the Letter …” I hope this meme takes off because who doesn’t want more ways to talk up their favorite books, and movies and other things?!

  • You bet I have more than 5 Things You Could Do To Piss Me Off As A Reader! What would you add to the list?

  • Did you see this Young Adult Summer Reading Flow Chart? What would your recommendations look like?

  • And what would your Unlikely Beach Reads list be like?
  • Check out Books on the Nightstand Bingo to pick your summer reads.
  • Ummm … A Day In The Life Of A Book Nerd hit a little too close to home!
  • Do you have any Books I Wish I Could Stop Reading? I don’t … but I have a couple of really awful reality tv show I really, REALLY wish I could stop watching.
  • Look Ma! No Hands! Audiobooks My Way shows some of the many ways you can sneak in some time with audiobooks.
  • Do you agree with 13 Things an Adult Should Actually Be Embarrassed to Read … not going to lie to you – sometimes I read a page or 2 close to the end when I can’t handle all the suspense in a book!
  • Somebody PLEASE do some genre versions of 15 Signs You Read Too Much YA! I’d like to see “signs you read too many zombie novels” – you have a “carpet coat” (read Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry to get the reference) … vampires … historical fiction … dystopian! Email me your links people!
  • I want to think they made BookAwardz is the App For Book Lovers just for me. I mean – nobody loves book awards more than I!!! BUT only “literary” awards are represented here … as if fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery etc. aren’t good enough! Oh, the horror!!


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