PJV QUICKIE: I love a good anti-hero, especially in Young Adult since they are so rarely seen. I think this book will not get the attention that it deserves because it steps out of box, but the fact that it is different is what made me really enjoy it.

While the story of an assassin, starting at a young age seems to be a recurring theme in the last couple of months via the big publishers…I AM THE WEAPON is from the young adult genre, whereas the few other books I’ve read recently have been adult spy/mystery/action tales. I like I AM THE WEAPON because it kept the main POV with Boy Nobody and his life as an assassin was portrayed in detail, but not romanticized. It also had him dealing with normal Young Adult issues which brought the story together, personalized and made the character likable and the story enjoyable for me.

Parajunkee.com highly recommends I AM THE WEAPON by Allen Zadoff. Readers of young adult, action and adventure and male point-of-views should really enjoy. Finally a book I can recommend to teen readers of the opposite gender. Go Mr. Zadoff! Looking forward to reading more of The Unknown Assassin series and I would put this one at a PG13 rating, just because of concept of killing as the main focus.