PJV Quickie: Well…wow! This book was awesome! Sixth Grave has all the wit, plot twists, and sexy Reyes as the other books. I will give up nothing, but if you are already a Charley Davidson fan then, oh my gosh, you’re going to love this and if you haven’t started the series, well do that…now.

This is the sixth book in the Charley Davidson series and it definitely delivers. Sometimes as a series gets into book five and so on, it loses something–the plot becomes ridiculous or the relationships become tired–not Charley.  I am always chuckling when I read these books.  Here is my favorite quote for this one:

“How am I going to make it through life with a girl stuck to my face?” –Charley

So freaking hilarious! (Once you have it in context, but my lips are sealed!)

Jones gives readers some of the things we’ve been waiting for in this book. People get together. Reyes pulls some shenanigans. We finally get to see a certain someone’s true nature. We learn more about Angel and Mr. Wong. Some of Rocket’s predictions come to fruition and then are changed. And if you haven’t heard yet, the ending is a beginning. I know I personally can’t wait for Seventh Grave.

If you are new to the series, I would highly suggest it if you like dry, snarky, sarcastic, self-deprecating humor. These characters love to tease and poke at each other. There is always a mystery to solve and a hot Reyes to drool over; however, I keep reading the series for Charley. She is just that funny. How can you not love a woman who loves coffee and burritos and names everything from her brain, Barbara, to her boyfriend’s shower, George. (Oh, and her girls, Danger and Will Robinson)

So, I guess you could say I definitely recommend this book and this series. Plus, I’d like to add Darynda Jones is super cool to her fans.

If you haven’t bought it yet, here you go:
Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson Series)

If you want to start the series, here is the first book and the Kindle version is on sale for $2.99 right now:
First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson Series)


Note: Darynda Jones is a sponsor of PJV; however, this sponsorship had no effect on this review.  As a reviewer, I am not involved with the sponsors of PJV and I have received nothing in return for this review.  I even bought the book.