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PJV Quickie: I love Joanna Wylde’s Reapers Motorcycle Club series, and Devil’s Game hits all the right buttons – terrific heroine, cocky motorcycle bad-boy, dirty-hot smexin’, and just the right amount of action.  I devoured Devil’s Game in one sitting.


Em Hayes is the daughter of “Picnic” Hayes, president of the Reapers, a bad-ass motorcycle club.  The members of the club are her family just as much as her father and sister are.  And, like any family, there are things she loves and things she hates about being the daughter of the club president.  In the hate column: no man will come near her.  Any time one does, he gets scared off by her father or the club.  She’s a 22-year-old virgin and she’s not happy about it. So, when she “meets” a friend of a friend online, she’s excited that he’s not affiliated with a motorcycle club.

Liam “Hunter” Blake is a member of the Reaper’s rival club, the Devil’s Jacks.  He’s been assigned to keep an eye on Em as part of his duties; trouble has been brewing between the Jacks and the Reapers, and the Jacks are trying to keep two steps ahead and plan for any situation.  He sees an opportunity to befriend her online as “Liam”, the friend of a friend, and eventually she agrees to meet him. He finds that he actually likes her, and he’s not planning to out himself, until he gets a call during their date – “any situation” has arrived.

He’s a Devil’s Jack. She’s a Reapers’ princess.  There’s too much bad blood between their clubs for them to ever be together…


I loved Devil’s Game!  It’s a modern-day take on Romeo and Juliet, with the Jacks and Reapers being the warring families, and Em and Hunter playing the star-crossed lovers.   After finishing the second book in the series, Reaper’s Legacy, I couldn’t wait for Em and Hunter’s story and I was not disappointed:  Devil’s Game is raw, dirty, and not at all polite.

There are some scenes that happen during the time frame in Reaper’s Legacy, so for a short part of the book it does feel like recap, except that we get to see Em’s experience, which I had wished for while reading Reaper’s Legacy because I knew it was going to be f’d up… and it was.  We know from the moment he steps on to the page that Hunter is a bad ass; he’s definitely not a nice guy and his loyalty to the club comes above all else, even his interest in Em. He does some things that are pretty awful, and it’s testimony to Joanna Wylde’s brilliant writing that later in the book I’m cheering for Hunter and Em.

I know I’m making Hunter out to be this awful dude, but he does have a code of honor, and I like the way his character opened up to let Em in.  Em, on the other hand, had to learn to toughen up a bit and that was a journey I enjoyed taking with her – learning to take what she wanted instead of living with “what if”.  The chemistry between them is almost enough to singe my fingers as I turn the pages.

The story behind the romance kept my interest and I’m looking forward to learning more about these two clubs and the cartel that’s trying to move in and cause problems between them. The next book, Reaper’s Stand, is Picnic’s story, and it looks like things are going to tie in to the cartel storyline nicely (or, really, not so nicely, lol).

I have been craving really good “biker romance” but so far Joanna Wylde is one of only two authors who seem to be able to really pull it off with a good story, believable characters and situations, and hot romance (Kristen Ashley is the other).

If you’re looking for something steamy, a little (or a lot) dirty, and very different from what you’ve been reading, I definitely suggest Devil’s Game.  Fans of Biker Romance and “alpha-hole” heroes should really enjoy Devil’s Game.  Be warned, it’s going to leave you wanting the next book!

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