Friday the 13th during a Full Moon!

*runs in circles*

Ok, my people, who out there is superstitious about Friday the 13th?  Do you have horrible luck on this fateful day? Did you spill your coffee all over? Mark up your favorite purse? Car accident? Threw up in the middle of a meeting? Tear a page in your favorite book? *gasp*

I’ve never been especially superstitious about this date.  I’ve always thought that it was kind of cool in a way.  Last year when I scheduled my c-section, I picked 6/13 because I thought it would be sorta awesome to have my son’s first birthday on Friday the 13th.  So I schedule the surgery and then called my husband.  He was none too pleased.  If it tells you anything, my son’s birthday is 6/12. We see who won that little discussion. Though 6/13/13 would have been a cool birthday. Right?

It’s not enough that today is deemed unlucky but it’s also a full moon which incites its own level of craziness.  The last time there was a full moon during FT13th was 10/13/2000 and it won’t happen again until 8/13/2049.  So I went looking for FT13th mishaps and all-around unluckiness and here’s a little of what I found:


That’s enough to make me a believer!  

Seems like sound advice to me.

Thanks a lot Chuck!  

Excellent advice!

See there’s a bright side!

So guys, what do you think? Is FT13th unlucky or is it just a superstition? I want to know what you think!

*Note: While writing this post, I had to redo it four times because it kept deleting half of it when I saved.  FT13th bad luck? Maybe?