20 “Sheeple” Tips for Book Blogger Excellence

A Blog in Sheep’s Clothing…? Is still a blog.

This is a Dishing Junk fiasco. Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.


  1. Sign-up for ever blog tour that you are invited to and then post numerous blog stops on one day.
  2. Post at the top of your blog that “You began reading again, after you read Twilight.”
  3. Post a picture of you and your cat at least some place on your blog.
  4. Have at least five of your book boyfriend crushes “Team” banners on your sidebar. Fifty is a good number to shoot for though. It shows you are committed to your reading endeavors.
  5. You HAVE to post your reading challenge and it HAS to be over 100 hundred books. Anything else is a chump challenge. I recommend about 250 books in one year. If you aren’t able to do this, read a lot of novellas.

    Instagram Pics

  6. Use instagram a lot! Take pictures of “angled” shots of what you are reading. Mostly KISSING passages.

  7. Use instagram to take pictures of when you actually go outside. Grab a book and take the shot of the book in your lap with your toes sticking out in the grass. This way people know that you are not a shut in.
  8. Write at least one rant post a quarter. And make it really rantastic!
  9. Fixate on one book or book character and post pictures inspired, fan art, team banners over and over again all over your blog. Host challenges dedicated to that one book or character.
  10. Put a disclaimer under your books, even if you got them from the library. Make sure to include that in your disclaimer.
  11. Host giveaways in which people must follow you in every single way that you have listed on your blog, along with all your social networks. To win a $5 Amazon gift card. Then bitch that you didn’t get any entries.
  12. Have multiple ways to follow your blog all on your sidebar – and display all the numbers. Include GFC, Bloglovin, LinkyFollowers, Networked Blogs and an email subscription. Cover all your bases.
  13. Wear geeky looking glasses in all the shots you take of yourself. This gives you Book Nerd cred.
  14. Β Make sure you find out what the hottest book trends will be and read then review those books quickly. If you get an ARC – go you – post the review ASAP! It doesn’t matter that the book doesn’t come out 5 months from now, you are showing that you got the ARC and you freakin’ rock.
  15. If you do get a hot ARC – take a picture and POST it everywhere!!! Vlog about it. Tweet about it. Show it off. Own that ARC.

    OMG Look at my ARC

  16. Participate in every meme possible. Double up if you can.
  17. If you can’t review the book well, just summarize the book in your own words. Insert – great, awesome and SQUEE into the copy to show you loved it.
  18. Comment on every book blog that you come across and leave a link that says “I follow you – follow me back” even if you aren’t following them.
  19. Use a ton of Google Adsense ads all over your blog so it looks like you have a ton of advertisers.
  20. 20. And finally get up on the lingo. You need to blog like a book blogger and the key to this – write like you are in high school – it’s totes adorb OMG and will make you seem more relatable – even if you are a fifty-something.