PJV Quickie: Shane Kuhn’s THE INTERN’S HANDBOOK was unique in its delivery and thrilling in its plotting. I was taken in by Pete Simonelli’s narration, his voice just fit the character so well and it gave this captivating thriller so much more bang.

REVIEW: The Intern’s Handbook is a unique memoir style book, from the point of view of one character who is delivering advice to new recruits within his field of study. That field of study happens to be assassination. John Lago is the main character and he was recruited at a very young age, from within the foster care system, to train in combat, with one goal in mind: assassination.

The company he works for uses the guise of an internship placement and the young recruits play interns so they can get close to their targets and make the assassinations look like the work of “other” parties.

Lago is at the end of his career, he is nearing the age of twenty-five which is the cut-off for playing intern and he’s pretty sure that the company he works for isn’t going to let him go easily. So he begins dictating THE INTERN’S HANDBOOK.

The way Kuhn put it together was great, Lago’s voice is compelling, witty and a bit scary. Lago is a killer and he makes no qualms about his position. He knows what he does is wrong, but he is good at what he does. It is fantastic to be in this guy’s head.

The pacing was also what kept this book going, there were no dull moments and the book twisted and turned leading me down paths that I didn’t even contemplate. I do have to say I was surprised at the end, which rarely happens. Even though the excuse that was given as to why Lago was tricked didn’t seem credible. Spoiler alert…

I just don’t see how a trained killer could be faked by a “realistic” dummy. It was the only point in the story in which I was popped out because it seemed unrealistic.

Narration: Pete Simonelli was great. His voice was perfect to play John Lago, you could even hear the bite and wit in his narration. His voice held a dry and thrilling tone that had killer written all over it. Could roll around in this narration. Enjoyed the heck out of this audiobook.

Great writing, plot, main character and narration, can’t get any better with an audiobook.

Recommended: For adult readers, this is a thriller and in a 1st person narrative, so fans of that style should really enjoy. Fans of David Baldacci and Greg Iles should really enjoy. If you like strong male point-of-views you should also take a look at this baby.