PJV Quickie:  So you know when you’re looking for something to read but you don’t have time to get into a new novel or series? This is the perfect answer to that dilemma!  I had fun reading this novella and it kept me interested the whole time.  It has the typical novella problem of not giving you more when you want it (I think novellas are the male version of novels. Yep, novellas are men.) That being said, this is a male model on a 15 minute smoke break: great to look at, has a lot to offer, but not enough time (or shall we say length) to fully enjoy it.

I had to rate this novella a 4.5 based on the fact that I wanted more which in its self is a compliment.  I realize that is the nature of the novella–kind of a present wrapped in a bow. But, this one had such good bones that I think Nevada and Jake deserved a novel.

So about Nevada and Jake. You know that guy you hate yourself for liking or lusting? Well, that’s Jake for Nevada.  He’s her “one night stand” and she’s his “wish you would of been more.” Carlson does a great job of building the characters and their world. You never feel like something doesn’t make sense or it doesn’t add up. Plus, we get to learn about the history between Neve and Jake in such a way that doesn’t seem forced or rushed.

Even though the synopsis even tells the reader that they’ll have happy endings (ha!), Carlson is able to deliver in a way that keeps the reader from totally predicting it. So if you’re looking for a good story with a butt-kicking beauty and hard-muscled hero, I’d suggest reading Aces Wild.