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ZOMG – May is over and I survived!!!  I had so much going on in my personal life during the month of May (my youngest daughter’s 1st Communion, my middle daughter’s middle-school graduation, my birthday – which was on Mother’s Day, the RT Convention, a Law Enforcement convention with my husband, and a big project at work) so I was pretty much MIA here at PJV.  I’ve missed you!!!

So…RT14… Some of you may have read my open letter to authors attending the convention here. Well, although I did have several awkward moments (more on that later), I was able to surround myself with some lovely ladies who helped keep the ‘freak-outs’ at bay.  I know that Rachel, Sabrina and I are going to do a pod-cast or some such soon, so I’m just going to hit some of the high points…

  • I MET MOLLY HARPER!!!  Yes, I did have a total nerd moment… I said to her “I’m having a total fangirl moment”, stared at her, she stared at me, and I continued into the room. Smooth, right? Riiiiiight.  I also got to meet Kit Rocha/Moira Rogers (Bree and Donna), whom I’ve been wanting to meet forever!
  • Don’t EVER take on Sabrina (Freaky Geeky Fridays here at PJV) in a game of “Candy and Spoons”   if you want to walk out with all of your fingers intact. Seriously, this girl plays for keeps. (party thrown by Entangled Publishing)
  • We also played a Pictionary-type game with Brazen (Entangled Publishing) and I walked out of that game with sex toys, so #win!!
  • On Saturday, we went to this wonderful tea with the ladies from Harlequin.  I was feeling a little intimidated, as I was with this large group of smart, sophisticated professional women and bloggers  that I really admire (to be clear, that’s professional women and professional bloggers, not implying that bloggers are not professional, lol).  Things were going well, we chatted quite a bit, and then this question came up:  “Who are some of your favorite Harlequin authors?”   Remember how I said I freeze up in social situations?  Yup, this is exactly where my brain slithered out of my ear and made a run for the door.  I was a blank slate.  But here’s the thing – so many of my favorite authors are Harlequin authors:  Lauren Dane, Tiffany Reisz, Shannon Stacey, Allison Parr; I look forward to the  Carina Press newsletter every month!  But could I remember any of those names? No, of course not. *sigh*  But, even with that, I had a wonderful time.
picture via Parajunkee

Waiting in line. (picture via @Parajunkee)

Let me just stop a moment and say that the author signing/book fair was a mad house.   We sat in line for quite a while and had time to map out our strategies (I kid you not) to see all the authors we wanted to see, and I still missed quite a few. Luckily we got in line early and it was pretty empty when we walked in (that did NOT last long).  Highlights – Tracey Garvis-Graves (I bought a paper copy of On the Island), Alice Clayton (she’s every bit as adorable as I thought she’d be), Megan Hart (Ohhh I was trembling when I met her, which is weird because she was soooo  nice!), Tiffany Reisz (she’s this tiny person with this huge personality – and very nice too), Kelley Armstrong (very approachable).  There were many more but I’ll save those for our group gab-fest.  This Con was huge and the crowds were intimidating, so there were a lot of authors I’d hoped to be able to meet that I missed; and I didn’t meet most of the bloggers I thought I’d run into…

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to meet one of my idols, Lauren Dane – she was apparently sick through the con – but get this… I knew from twitter that she and Megan Hart are besties, so (not realizing she was sick) I asked Megan Hart if Lauren Dane was there because I really wanted to meet her and told her about how Laid Bare got me started on smart erotic books and that I judge other erotica by that book… well, Megan Hart took a selfie with me (squee!!!!)  and sent it to Lauren Dane with my comments!  So, while I was sad I didn’t get to meet her I was glad she got to know how much her writing affects me.

There were a few swag items I was collecting – I stalked Chloe Neill for Cadogan House dogtags with @jannellereads, and stalked Molly Harper for her “Everyone Loves Dick (Cheney)” and “I love my werewolves naked” buttons, but I missed Victoria Dahl’s “You’re a Nice Girl who likes to have Dirty Sex” button *cries* I missed her completely although I hear she was at the Harlequin Dance Party dancing up a storm.  If anyone has an extra…*call me*…seriously.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for:  me to shut and show the goods… the books:









The short pile on the left is books I purchased at the book fair. The rest were either in goody bags, won as prizes, or I picked them up at the giveaway parties (Avon, Dreamspinner).  So yes, the price of the Con is expensive, but I’d say for the amount of books I came home with it was worth it for that alone; however, it’s all the great times and new friends and meeting authors that made it priceless. PJ new signature