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PJV Quickie: I really enjoy Jessica Clare’s writing; she writes sexy contemporaries full of characters you want to hang out with in real life.  And while her Bluebonnet series was not my favorite of her many series, The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving may have changed that for me – it’s sweet and engaging but also delightfully dirty… Mama likes!! 🙂

Elise Markham is the shy, quiet sister of Grant Markham from Book 3 (The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild).  She had scoliosis and large facial birthmark as a child and has always been coddled and protected by her family…or, as Elise thinks, stifled by her family. She dreams of being a photographer for a flashy magazine, but the feedback she’s been getting is that her photos are missing “something”, and her friend suggests she may need to try on some life experiences and see if that gives her photos the “oomph” they need.

Rome Lozada has spent most of his life moving from job to job, drifting as he tries to stay a few steps ahead of his deadbeat parents. He’s not going to work any jobs that require a background check, so when he lands a good, steady job in Bluebonnet working with a group of survival instructors, he doesn’t want to mess it up.  But when the quiet yet  delectable sister of the boss approaches him and asks for sex, there’s no way he can resist…

Can anything good happen between a quiet wealthy girl and a pierced, tattooed drifter with a questionable history?  Can either of them open up to take a chance and let something good into their life?


The story that unfolds is charming and sensual and I loved reading them falling for each other. Elise grows into her own skin and Rome learns to trust instead of running.  I loved Elise – she’s super shy (and the reasons behind it are heartbreaking) but she grows in confidence as she spends time with Rome.  Additionally though, she also does some of her own personal growth and stands up for Rome when he won’t do it for himself.  And Rome, oh – he could have been an a-hole, but he wasn’t;  life had dealt him a pretty crappy hand and instead of being bitter, he appreciates beauty when it falls into his lap.

In addition to good character development and a sweet relationship, we are treated to sexy scenes that are pretty darn steamy.  As Rome “tutors” her in the “arts of worldly pleasures”, the pacing is slow and sensual at first but moves along at a believable pace, becoming intense and passionate as the story moves forward.  It’s no wonder that The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving is my favorite book in the series!

Fans of Contemporary Romance, opposites attracting, and hot, tattooed-bad boys will enjoy The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving.  This one’s a must-read!


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