PJV Quickie: THE TAKING by Kimberly Derting was a very intriguing start to a new series by this fabulous author. Derting has a creepy style that I enjoy, but she held it in check with The Taking, playing on suspense and mystery more then horror. It went over well and I find myself highly anticipating the next book in the series.

REVIEW: One moment Kyra is on the road screaming at her father over his plans for her after high school and the next moment she is waking up behind the dumpster of a Quickie Mart. Derting paints this crazy picture too of this kid throwing candy at Kyra as she is just coming to…it sits with you. Kyra, confused, makes a dash to her home and finds out everything has changed. Five years have elapsed, her parents are divorced, her boyfriend has moved on, her dad is a bit crazy from her disappearance. It couldn’t get any worse.

In the beginning you have this character driven story of Kyra and her sudden reaction to a five year disappearance with out any physical changes to her. She’s seventeen still, even though the rest of the world figures she was holed up in some back alley. But how does that constitute the bruise that was on her leg when she disappeared and the clothes she still wears? But, then the story expands into a very complex plot that involves the US government, unexplained disappearances, returned humans that have special abilities and the fact that government agents might want to dissect Kyra to find out what makes her tick. It’s like smoopy young adult angst then WHAM government conspiracies fast paced plot and excitement – woosh! Fun and intense. What a good read! What a good start to a series.

I did find some parts a bit silly, almost as if they were written to “explain” some of the more complex plotting, which didn’t sit well with me. When you involve a government agency into a young adult novel and then have the characters act restrained to allow the young adult tropes to play out – it’s rather silly at times. But, it did have some good plotting for what it was and some good twists that kept me on my toes.

Recommendations: They did it a disservice by comparing it to The Fifth Wave meets Mara Dyer, yes it has some aliens, but it’s not a dystopian like the Fifth Wave and it is not an angst driven paranormal like Mara Dyer. The Taking is more of a mystery with a romance back-bone. There is the alien paranormal element but it plays as secondary. This is more like the Pittacus Lore books. Highly recommended if you like scifi paranormal elements in your YA.