Let me first start with a caveat: I am not a wine snob.  I am a lover of wine that tastes good to me. I like red wines, white wines, dry wines, fruity wines, somewhat-but-not-too-sweet wines, wine in the evening, wine in the afternoon, wine when someone gets on my nerves, and wine that makes a bad day at work go away.  Ok, I think that covers it.

So here are some of my favorite wines.  I would really love to hear back from you on your favorite wines.  As you can probably tell, I’m not too discriminating…

1. Chocolate Shop Red Wine.  Oh hell yeah!  If you like red wine and you like chocolate, this wine is perfect for you.  I absolutely adore it.  It’s not one of those creepy, brown, creme, chocolate wines.  It starts out red and finishes chocolate.  There is a strawberry variation but I think it’s too sweet and don’t like it very much.  Anyone else out there like the idea of wrapping two loves into one awesome product?


Chocolate Shop

Chocolate Shop Wine

2. Middle Sister Rebel Red Blend.  It’s great for when you have friends over for Girls’ Night because it’s not as bold and dry as a merlot or shiraz but it’s still a red.  Plus look how super cute the label is.  Have you tried the Middle Sister label? What do you think?

Rebel Red

Middle Sister Wine

3. Chateau St. Michelle Reisling.  I drink this wine when I ‘m in the mood for something a little sweet and crisp.  It’s my go to white wine.  I like dry red wines but not as fond of super dry white wines.  Any recs on white wines?  I really don’t have many that I like.  I think moscatos are way too sweet  if that helps.



Chateau St. Michelle Wine

4. Rex Goliath Pinot Noir.  So I sort of haven’t met a Pinot Noir I haven’t loved.  I really like the Rex Goliath Pinot because it’s dry but not too bold and it’s shall we say “affordable.”  If you haven’t given it a try or have been turned off by the rooster, just close your eyes and try it. (that’s what he said) (sorry, I’m a little sophomoric in my humor)



Rex Goliath Wine


5. The Show Malbec. Ok so this is one of those wines where the label caught me first.  Am I the only one that tries a wine based on the label?  It made me a little nostalgic for the little Texas town I grew up in.  It’s smooth and bold.  Definitely not a wine for those who prefer a sweeter wine.


The Show Wine

Well, that’s my Top Five.  What are your Top Five Wines?   I really, really want to know!  I would love to have some suggestions to try out.

Geek Junkee