The problem with Facebook – it’s always changing. So tips you’ve read a year ago, they might not work as well as they do now. Facebook is constantly changing and the point of their algorithm is to get you to…

Understanding Facebook

And because their main focus is to get you to pay to Boost that post, your posts will not get seen if they think it is not important.

This begs the question…how do you make your post important – organically?

Because I don’t want to pay for it. I would go broke.


  • More likes
  • More Shares
  • More Comments

The more likes, shares and comments you get on your post, the more your post will appear at the top of people’s feeds. Which is a quandary isn’t it? Because to get likes, shares and comments you need people to see the post.

Like me on Facebook?

Doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

Work your own engagement.

There are some “tricks” to increasing engagement.

  • Like, share and comment on your own post (cheesy, yes – but share it on your own timeline!)
  • Don’t post your link in the post area, post it in the comment area
  • Attach your fan page to twitter, so your posts on facebook go to twitter not vice versa…
  • Post regularly
  • Post status updates, not just images or links
  • Again, do not post links…post your links in the comments
  • Ask questions
  • Post things that people will want to share, like and comment on…

Some of these things are obvious, some aren’t. The link in the comments thing is a gem. Thank Sarah of Smart Bitches for that one. It will increase your boost about double, since Facebook puts low priority on links. Links in your post status are not important to Facebook, you want to be important on Facebook – it is how you get seen. Facebook puts priority on Vids and Pics and Status updates.

Now let us talk about all those likes you’ve gotten, all of those awesome numbers and increases you’ve gotten since you started that page, half the time these happy numbers do not matter because you are only reaching about 4% of those likes. So you have 1K likes –  you reach about 40 people. Maybe. Depressing, right? So, why am I telling you this? Because some of the best advice I was given about Facebook was that it really doesn’t matter – at least to generate blog leads. The point of Facebook is to reach people that use Facebook. They won’t click on your links to go to your blog – they’ll just stay on Facbeook. Because they don’t leave Facebook. So generate content for Facebook.

  • Fun pictures
  • Shareable facts
  • Giveaways
  • Status Updates that promote conversations..etc

Understanding Facebook


603 people reached might not be a ton – but for just a simple statement…it promoted engagement and got people talking, which reached a lot more then some of my #failposts (My auto-generated blog to Facebook posts) – which reach about 100 people. It is the little things, right? The key to that above post – people liked it, people commented…no one shared it. But – we can’t always  have a perfect posting. The more times those people above like my stuff – they see my posts more and more. Win. Win. Which is the key to Facebook.

What works for you on Facebook? Anything you do different? Because personally I’m trying to figure this out too…