Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.

Book Blogger Jealousy is a confirmed illness, said to inflict the majority of book bloggers from time to time. It is noted that book blogger jealousy will pass if treated, but has been known to become malignant if ignored and fed improperly.

They key to the treatment of Book Blogger Jealousy is to diagnose the problem and then handle it as quickly as possible. If not, the illness can lead to a lot of harmful reactions, including but not limited too:

  • Making a fool of yourself, online
  • Loss of friendship
  • Insanity
  • Weight Gain
  • Hair Loss
  • Skin Damage
  • Criminal Charges

book blogger jealousy

You don’t want to experience any of those do you? Good. Then let’s see if you have Book Blogger Jealousy. Please answer the following questions with a yes or no answer at the end, tally your answers. Your results will lead to your self-diagnosis.

  1. Have you stopped following another book blogger online, via twitter or their blog because you were disgusted by all the ARCs or pageviews the received? Did you believe them to be boastful or showy?
  2. Did seeing another book blogger’s Book Hauls make you physically ill or make you angry?
  3. Have you had feelings of contempt or hatred toward another book blogger because they had a book you wanted?
  4. Have you had improper or violent thoughts directed at another book blogger because they received a book you wanted, that you didn’t get. Like – “Man I could kick her because she got XXX by XXX and I didn’t!”
  5. Have you not read a book because you didn’t get the ARC and a blogger that you thought you were “better” than got one?
  6. Have you lied and said you had more followers than you did, just so you could look more impressive?
  7. Have you participated in shady “follow grabs” just so you can pad your stats and look like you get more traffic? All so you can get more books, or look like a more impressive book blog?
  8. Have you made passive aggressive statements, snarky comments or tweets against someone, just because they got something that you didn’t, like an eReader or hot ARC?
  9. Have you ever talked bad about another book blogger just because you consider them “competition?”
  10.  Started a rumor, or created “drama” against another blogger just because you consider them “competition?”
  11. Stopped going online during a certain event or con because you couldn’t take all the “brag” posts or “look at me” tweets.
  12. Have you ever considered stopping your blogging adventure because of certain jealous feelings?
  13. Been a crabby crab-face to someone all because you are jealous of their book blogging greatness?


How many yes answers do you have?

0 – Yes    |   1 – 5 Yeses    |    6 – 9 Yeses    |    10 – 12 Yeses    |    13 Yeses





0 Yes – Well, good for you. You aren’t a jealous person. Get the hell out of here.




1 – 5 Yeses – Good for you, you are normal. Most of us suffer from jealousy time to time. You don’t let it get the best of you. You’ve embraced your awesomeness but from time to time battle with insecurity that occasionally leads to ice-cream and bitching with your bestie blogger about a certain blogger who likes to post their book hauls.




6 – 9 Yeses – Ooh girl/boy you gotta maybe rein it in. You are right at that line of letting your jealousy get out of hand. Give it time, maybe one day you’ll be awesome, but right now you got a bit of work to do. Focus on empowering yourself instead of tearing down other people even if it is only in your mind. Do some yoga or buy a self-help DVD to battle your insecurities. You can do this.




10 – 12 Yeses – Um, hey. Here is a virtual cupcake! I’m sorry you are feeling this way. Maybe someone in your area can offer you the number of a specialist to work out your anger issues. Please stop looking at me that way. I really didn’t mean to make you angry.  You want an ARC, I can send you an ARC, ooh wait, I might not want to put my return address on the package. Here is a cupcake!




13 Yeses – Please call the following number – 9 – 1 – 1 (U.S. only) and repeat this statement “I would like to voluntarily commit myself to Book Blogger Jealousy Anonymous. Not so anonymously.