PJV Quickie: Rarely does a second in series surpass the first, but THE IMMORTAL CROWN did that for me. Richelle Mead’s new adult series is a homerun. This woman can write, and she doesn’t write to please everyone – she writes a story that needs to be told. You can’t ask for anything more.

Review: In the second novel we are still following the lives of religious investigator Justin March and his praetorian guard Mae Koskinen. The tension is still at an all time high between Mae and Justin, especially when they are tasked with joining charismatic politician Lucian Darling on a diplomatic mission in the repressed country of Arcadia and Mae has to pose as Justin’s concubine.

Mysteries and plots unfold as more of the myths and legends are revealed. Mae and Justin both have to battle their own fates and try to make them fit within their accepted role in the life. They also have to deal with their feelings for each other and the new path that is being set before them. It’s a real interesting plot that is unraveling, especially with how complex both characters are. And it just gets worse as the story goes on. Typical Mead writing – she is going to probably dangle the Mae/Justin relationship over our heads throughout the whole series. But, it makes for some good anticipation. You have this futuristic society, woven with myths and gods and repressed societies. Then you have these great big characters, hints at romance, political intrigue, violence, more sexual tension…a plot that is SO complex but makes so much sense (of course after it is revealed – because you can’t figure it out – which is the best)…

It’s really good…did I mention that?

I highly recommend this series, but don’t expect a perfect Happily Ever After or a romance. This is Mead at her finest. Angst, world-building and heart-break. If you love Urban Fantasy, if you love gods and goddesses and strong characters – you’ll love this series.

Recommendations: For fans of Urban Fantasy, Richelle Mead and SciFi, you should take a look at this series. This is an adult novel, there is drug use, alcohol, sex, violence and language. Fun right?

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