PJV Quickie: THE DARK WORLD by Cara Lynn Shultz was a fascinating idea and combined compelling characters with a well-written delivery, but unfortunately it was a little too juvenile for me. I did enjoy reading it and will read on in the series, but its simplified storyline left me with a lackluster feeling that this book could be so much more.

Review: THE DARK WORLD follows the story of Paige Kelly an outcast who’s only friend is the ghost of a girl who haunts the school she attends (I kept thinking Moaning Myrtle) and the meet in the bathroom to talk. This has gained her the reputation of talking to herself, resulting in the nickname Bellevue Kelly and even her parents doubt her sanity.

The only person that has even shown an interest toward her, is the new guy, Logan Bradley.

Turns out though, the new guy’s interest is not solely because of her charm. It is revealed to Paige that her ability to see ghosts stems from the fact that she saved a small child from a demon attack, thus enabling her to see souls who were killed because of interference by a demon. It also allows her to open portals to what is called The Dark World which makes her a target for two factions that are trying to wrestle control of the dark world.

Warlocks vs. Demons in a battle that might spill out into the Light world and her only protection is the new guy, Logan Bradley, who is a killer demonslayer and also rather hot if you like chiseled abs, messy hair and romantic declarations of epic proportions.

It was cute, Paige was a great character and her romance with Logan was precious. The two of them came together in a great way – it had swoon written all over it.

What made me pause though, was the story all wrapped around this very cute romance. You have Demons and Warlocks and this great big world that battles this way and that, much like you would find in other great Young Adult literature, but Shultz conformed this great big world around Paige and Logan and their romance, instead of making their romance bloom in this crazy world. It made for some juvenile plotting, which was easy to ignore, but brought the overall enjoyment of the novel down in my estimation. Especially when some of the concepts were recycled young adult tropes with the main point of the book the romance instead of the paranormal setting. It had potential, but unfortunately doesn’t live up to some of the other novels that are similar in the genre.

Recommendations: For fans of Cassie Clare’s Mortal Instruments and the paranormal young adult genre, you should enjoy. There is a tad bit of violence and some more mature themes, giving this a good PG13 rating.