Social Media – Tips on Increasing Followings via Twitter

Establishing an engaged and robust twitter account can feed your blog, sending new followers your way on a daily basis. But, it takes time to build up a good following and it also takes a lot of work. Here are some tips on keeping your twitter account working for you instead of against you…

  1. First make sure you have a well done bio, twitter avatar, and have tweeted some quality content. The point is to entice them into following you and if you do not look like a quality account, people will not follow you
  2. Tweet out valuable content, content that people will want to share and retweet. Content that will add to a person’s day, not detract from it.
  3. Funny, informative or just conversation starters are great tweets to strive for. People seem to respond to funny best.
  4. Follow funny, fact or viral type twitter accounts and retweet their content for fun
  5. Engage – respond to mentions, comment on tweets from the people you follow, say hello. Join in on twitter chats. Retweet other quality content.
  6. Keep a ratio of at least 5 to 1 personal to promotional tweets. This is my own thoughts, twitter should be a conversation not a promotional tool. It doesn’t have to be anything “really” personal – just tweet out that you are reading a certain book, or that you really love love-triangles.
  7. Host twitter only giveaways
  8. Promote your twitter account on your blog and encourage people to follow you for giveaways or to contact you via twitter instead of email
  9. Have fun conversations with someone you follow, everyone wants to join in on a fun conversation
  10. Ask questions to get responses
  11. Follow and tweet the people you follow
  12. Tweet often, but again, with quality engaging content
  13. Use quality hashtags that others are using, not #just #hashtags for the sake of using hashtags
  14. Follow what is trending and send out a few trend tweets using the trend hashtags
  15. Join in on twitter parties
  16. If you don’t have time to be on twitter all the time, schedule your tweets
  17. Know how to use twitter, don’t be a #fail – small things like putting a . in front of a mention so everyone can see it will make a big difference
  18. Be yourself
  19. Be Honest
  20. Be Funny

Recommended programs:

I have always been a fan of Tweetdeck. It is a column program, you can add columns for your lists, for hashtags and see the tweets as they are sent out. It is a great way to follow what you want to follow, especially if you follow a lot of accounts.

Parajunkee Recommends Tweetdeck

What program or tips do you have for using twitter?