There are just some things you SHOULD NOT do on Social Networks.

And then there are some things that just drive other people crazy. You don’t want to be that clueless tweeter/poster, so pay attention.

The analogy I always use with Social Media is that of a party. You are at a party. It’s a really BIG party. You might know a handful of people really well, and then a few hundred by association only. It’s like your rich cousin’s wedding. Now think about the things you would say at this party. Would you just announce:


Yet…it seems to work for some people? Social Networks are fickle!



But, this stuff is obvious to us enlightened social network users, right? We know to never ever post the following things, right?

  1. Break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse or really get into an argument with anyone
  2. Bitch about your job/coworkers
  3. Don’t party TOO hard
  4. Don’t get really personal – TMI (see above)
  5. Announce you are committing some sort of crime
  6. Don’t post game updates contstantly
  7. Don’t send out general posts for favors
  8. Don’t show off
  9. Don’t post extreme views on race, politics or religion
  10. Obvious posts to elicit negative reactions

Those are obvious right? We know not to do that! We are smart, savvy Facebook and Twitter users! But what about more subtle social media nuances? Those little things that might drive your followers crazy, that you are probably unaware you are even doing?

More Subtle Social Media Mishaps…

Vague Updates


  • Vague or Passive Aggressive posts with no particular point
  • Inspirational Posts – over and over again! Enough already
  • Workout Posts – Oh that’s great that you ran .25 miles today. None of us care though.

No one cares

  • Fact Check Your Stuff – Posts that are intended to scare you and most of the information is wrong. At least snope it first…
  • Constant Complainers
  • Constantly updating profile pics
  • Constantly Taking Selfies
  • Especially Duck Face Selfies

Stop taking selfies

  • Abused Animal Photos
  • Constant Promoters
  • Boring! We could care less that you washed clothes, mopped the floors and dropped your kids off at school. We did it too. Not worth posting.
  • Constant Food Pics – Unless it is the best crap you’ve ever eaten or something rare, we really don’t care that you are eating Eggo Waffles
  • Baby TMI – Yeah, we really could care less that your kid just pooped in the potty
  • Stop Selling! From your book to your Avon products, please stop selling to me!
  • Emoticon Hell or Action representations that are overdone *grin*


  • Bad Grammar & Spelling
  • Finally, showing off your IQ will always be one of the worst things you can do on Facebook…and it’s really subtle, you can show us how high or LOW your IQ is just with a simple update:

Showing off your IQ on Facebook

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