Halo, the first book in this series, is one of my favorite reads from last year. Radicals is easily one of my favorite reads this year. The book picks up in the aftermath of the Sanctuary’s attack on Freetown. Ryka, Kit and Jack are left to pick up the pieces, and move forward. Changes need to be made to protect the people of Freetown, and Ryka and Kit are both willing to sacrifice themselves to make sure the others and each other are safe.

Are you tried of YA Dystopians yet? If the answer is NO. The I implore you to pick up this series by Frankie Rose. She’s created a world and characters that are so easy to get lost in that it’s always a little bit of a shock to come back out of it. Kit has to be one of my absolute FAVORITE leads ever. She’s just got this bad to the bone, awesomeness to her. But she doesn’t come off completely devoid of all feelings. I think Frankie Rose balances her post halo¬†emotions just right. She’s still tough, she’s still a little unstable with her new feelings, but she’s also able to function ¬†(quick recap Kit was once Falin Kitsch a death fighter in the Sanctuary. She fought life and death matches. A halo is a necklace/collar type device that the Falin wear. It releases chemicals into their system to numb both their emotions and physical pain).

Ryka, is a great and swoonworthy leading male. He’s sort of perfect. He handles Kit with understanding, and a large dose of humor. He grounds her when she would fly off, and she does the same to her. It’s all very romantic, and sweet. Except Ryka is definitely a sarcastic bugger.

I think Frankie writes some of the best action sequences around. She gives such a clear mental picture of what is happening during the fights that it’s like watching a really good movie in my head. She manages to maintain the pacing, and give us the information we need as a reader flawlessly.

Radicals was a great second book. The story arc, which I can’t really recap without spoiling the first book, is properly moved forward. There are some really great moments in this book, and I really, really need the next book ASAP.