PJV Review: If you are looking for something different in the Young Adult Science Fiction/Paranormal genre, look no further then ADAPTATION. I can’t even compare this novel to anything, maybe Roswell meets Rama, but that is pushing it. ADAPTATION was a thrilling read, with a rich plot and fantastic characters. Lo can write a book!


On a trip with their debate team Reese and David are faced with a worldwide horror. On the eve of their trip home, birds have suddenly become deadly as they plunge from sky, slamming into cars, people, shattering windows, bringing down planes. Reese, David and their teacher can’t fly home, so they decide to drive – which turns into a deadly mistake. People are in a panic and at a gas station a man pulls a gun killing their teacher. Fleeing the scene, afraid for their lives, Reese and David find themselves on a deserted highway in the Nevada desert…when a bird strikes their car.

The next thing they know, they awaken on a military base, forced to sign Non-disclosure papers and then sent on their way. Their treatment after the accident a secret, their every move now scrutinized by mysterious agents of what the two believe might be Area 51.

Riveting. I was pulled into this crazy futuristic tale from the beginning. Birds have always freaked me out, along with tales of Area 51 and aliens, so this was a novel that had my name written all over it. Not to mention the unique love triangle between two females and a male, throwing things into a different perspective, I was in heaven. I love unique tales and I like when authors break the rules, but still keep things familiar enough to not be “too crazy” and Lo did all of that. I liked her world, I like the plot and I liked how things twisted about. It was a really good story.

There were some instances which didn’t make sense to me, those “suspension of disbelief” type scenarios. They were mainly written into the plot to increase drama and force the love-triangle and teen angst, which wouldn’t be allow if this was an adult novel. I won’t go into details because of spoilers, but it usually irks me when titles do this in the Young Adult genre. It wasn’t too bad though, or at least it didn’t bother me as much as it usually does, because the characters were so compelling.

Overall a fun, exciting, must read.

Recommendations: If you are a fan of aliens, young adult and romance, you’ll love ADAPTATION. Fans of the show Roswell should enjoy. There is a lesbian relationship and sexual interactions are described, but nothing explicit. I would give this a PG13 rating.