Expiration Day by William Campbell Powell was a surprise. The novel is touching and embraces a scifi / robot / future theme, much like you would find in classic scifi literature, but in a YA setting. It was reminiscent of some of the great English SciFi writers, like Stephen Baxter or Arthur C. Clarke that strive to write a message within the futuristic scope. The topic is “What Makes Us Human.” Which isn’t original in the sense of scifi, other great novelists have tackled this topic, especially with androids as the main characters, but Powell put this within a touching family setting. This setting connects the reader to the characters, which doesn’t happen often in a large plot scifi novel.

And I just have to mention that the diary narration also made this a wonderful read. It just brought that connection together.It made the me connect to the main character as a person and really emphasize with her situation. Which is something I want to do every time I pick up a book.

Finally, the last few pages made this novel. It is a must read. Don’t pass it up. If you like Scifi, adult Scifi – not the “retellings of fairy tales in a scifi setting kind of scifi” – and if you like precocious Young Adult characters. Read this book.