After doing my #BB101 Post about Color Inspiration, I really wanted to do my colors inspired by book covers again. When I get like that, I usually think up a new Feature. Hence. COLOR MY READING. In which pretty colors inspire design! Feel free to grab the hex codes and change up your blog with them, or just say – “ooh I know what a hex code is!”

These are the book’s I’ve read recently that I lusted after the covers:

Color inspired by Book covers


One of the most stunning covers I’ve seen in a really long time. HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN even had a great big banner at the RT Convention and it was beautiful. Even though I would have like to see Augustine on the cover – that would be awesome – with horns…this is still cool. The purples, pinks, greens and yellows are traditionally New Orleans colors, but subtle in this display. I really like this cover and now want to do a blog design with these colors. The book was also a good read, fun, futuristic and subtly sexy…just like the cover and the colors.





MORTAL DANGER. This one took my breath away when I looked at the cover. It’s simple, but it speaks volumes. You only want to use black, greys and reds with caution, they have to be implemented right, or they might imply danger or caution, which is exactly what MORTAL DANGER wanted to display. I’ve done designs in these colors – and they can be implemented with a modern look, just use the reds for splashes of colors. Regarding the book, it was very different. Nothing like anything I’ve read from Ann Aguirre before. She claims in the author note that it was inspired from some of her real life experiences. Not the paranormal part of course, but the bullying. Because it is different, it is harder to get through then lighter paranormal tales in the YA genre – but it is worth reading, just don’t take it at face value.



Kimberly Derting’s THE TAKING is calming blues and greens which is kind of in opposition to the high intensity of this book. I really like these colors and they capture a moment from the book, but it doesn’t represent the whole book. This book is fast paced and freaky and have I mentioned Aliens FREAK me out??? So do communicable diseases. Good book though. Powered through it…Kimberly Derting, I must now read the rest of her books.