PJV Quickie: GAMEBOARD OF THE GODS was a highly original science fiction masterpiece. Mead wove a tale that was captivating and fast paced, her novel hooked me from the beginning.

Review: The setting of GAMEBOARD OF THE GODS is a futuristic, dystopian world. The main character is Justin March, an exile of the most prosperous country, the Republic of United North America (RUNA). Justin is a man that worked his way to the top and became an investigator in the RUNA, specializing in religious cults, which are technically illegal in RUNA. During a case Justin witnessed/experienced something that went against the RUNAs beliefs so he was put on a plane and sent to Panama.

When supernatural things begin happening in RUNA his superiors think that Justin is the only one that can help solve these issues, so they send Mae, an enhanced soldier to bring him back to the RUNA and then assist him with solving odd cases that are popping up all over the country.

GAMEBOARD OF THE GODS was a fun, adventure, with great characters, phenomenal setting and a rich world. Mead knows how to create a character and Mae and Justin are fantastic representations of Mead’s great ability to write these larger then life characters that you just fall in love with. You want to date Justin and be Mae. The dialogue, that was fully of witty banter – was probably the best part about the book. Coming in close second is the fact that both characters are completely screwed up, but still highly likable.

I can’t stop raving about this book! Mead created this great big world, a world in which religion is outlawed, but small “churches” are allowed to celebrate “fictional” characters as long as they don’t get that big of a following. But, the gods, don’t like to be ignored so they are making their presence known. Both Mae and Justin are caught up the
Recommendations: This is an adult title, not a Young Adult title. There is sex and bad language and drug use. Fans of Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction should really enjoy.