Hey everyone! Are we packing for our next reader convention? I know the RT Convention folks are freaking out about it, just check out the hashtag #RT14. Packing is integral to any convention, because you don’t want to get to your destination spot and realize you FORGOT something that would have made your life so much easier!

Here is a quick checklist of all the things you need to bring with you when you attend a Reader’s Convention.

  • Flats or Comfortable Shoes
    Flats are always top of the lists, but what some people forget to think is that flats can also be very uncomfortable, so bring TESTED flats. Comfortable low heeled shoes to make your feet comfy and happy.
  • Five Hour Energy or other Vitamin Energy Supplements
    Intense bursts of caffeine and sugar that energy drinks like Red Bull give you are short lived and the high amounts of sugar do terrible things to your waist line. I recommend “energy shots” like Five Hour Energy. They taste like crap, but they do give you a boost and without that quick hop of sugar and caffeine that will leave you crashing hard.
  • Protein Bars
    Pack a box of protein bars for a quick munch. I recommend meal replacement bar, usually the diet bars works best. They should be meal supplement bars not snacks.
  • Extra Suitcase, Duffel Bag or Packing Material
    You will have a TON of books. Usually the con will provide a shipping area, but if not, make sure you have boxes and postage to ship your books home, if you are traveling where you can bring an extra suitcase, do this just for your books! Shipping labels are also great to have on you, you can use shipping labels to even sign up for all the giveaways
  • Weather Appropriate Clothes
    It is 75 degree in New Orleans right now at 8am in the morning, it is 42 degrees in Denver. Big difference. Go to weather.com and get the weather forecast and pack appropriately. No matter how hot it will be though, always pack a light sweater or hoodie, because most cons are held inside hotels, which ten to use air-conditioner.
  • Chargers
    Don’t forget the chargers for your laptop, cell phone and iPad. You might even want to get one of those portable chargers for your cell phone.
  • Costumes
    If you like to dress-up, don’t forget to check out what parties will be offered and pack some fun dress-up clothes for the party.
  • Camera
    You are going to want to take a lot of pictures
  • Business Cards
    Get business cards printed, especially if you want to make connections
  • Vitamins
    Keep yourself healthy, pop some Vit C – or add Emergen-C to your water to keep you peppped up
  • Hand Sanitizer
    Another way to keep yourself healthy and you will touching a lot of things.
  • OTC Pain Killers
    Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen – especially if there will be drinking!
  • Back Pack or Messenger Bag
    You will be in line a lot, you’ll be sitting on the floor waiting. You’ll want to keep your stash with you, a back pack or Messenger bag will help.
  • Water Bottle
    You don’t want to have to purchase water, bring a bottle with you and refill it with the water in the conference


Most of all have fun and don’t think you can do it all! You’ll have to give it a break at some point. Take time to have fun!