If you haven’t been on twitter in a while, you might be in for a surprise. Because in the last week everyone seems to have transitioned to the new look. What do you think? Looks kind of like Facebook doesn’t it?

Luckily, the majority of the time is spent on the Home area which remains the same, it is just when you click on someone’s profile that things change up a bit. The Cover is stretched across the top and the profile image is much bigger. What does this mean for you? Nothing really, except that fancy twitter profile you set up is now funked up and you have to go and set up something new. The good thing, it is much easier then the other twitter profile look. Twitter outlines how to change things up here.

The basic run down. The cover image is 1500 x 500 and the new profile picture is 400×400.

BUT>>>> and a big but, on doing this post, I noticed about 100 pixels are being cut off from top and bottom of that cover. You see them on the little cover shot when you are on your home page – but you do not see them when you are looking at the BIG image on your profile page. And on top of that the background setting is set to COVER – so it resizes to fit your screen. So to be safe – design your text within a 1500×350 to 400 range. And leave the left bottom side free for the profile pic.

If you want to give my experimental PSD file a try – be my guest… Download FREE PSD twitter cover template file: twitter_cover.psd



And you can easily zoom and resize an image, so don’t be afraid to grab an image that you’ve captured, or a fun stock photo and use it as your cover. It is easy!

Don’t have anything to use? I’ve got you covered – here are a few FREE Twitter Covers just for you!

Click on the image, then right click and download it to your hard drive.