The Haunted New Orleans French Quarter Walking Tour

This has to be one of the biggest printed endeavors I’ve done in a long time, but it is going to be worth it. I have quite an obsession with the Ghosts of New Orleans and judging by the many Haunted Tours and Vampire Tours that slither through the Quarter I’m not alone. But, this way you can do it on your own time and pace.

The book is 12 pages, full color and will cover 14 of New Orleans most Haunted Locations, with descriptions, links to audio commentary and full color pictures. The information will be posted online and available for download in PDF format, with full interactivity for your iPad or Kindle. QR Codes will take you to audio commentary, pictures and longer, historical information about the properties and hauntings.

Sample Page:

Haunted New Orleans French Quarter Walking Tour Book

I will be giving away books to anyone at the con that wants one, or you can download them on my site. Depending on how much advertising I get for the book will determine how many I print out.Unfortunately printing is not cheap. so my starting goal is 100 copies. The ads shown below will just barely cover printing costs. But, I’m dying to do this! This brings us to my next topic…


If you are interested in advertising, email me at and I will send you the uncorrected PDF proof. The book is in the process of getting edited and the final images, all shot by my husband who is an amateur photographer, are being optimized. The book will be finalized by next week.

The booklet will go out to RT Attendees that are visiting New Orleans in May and it will also be posted as a PDF and available for download on this blog for free indefinitely. You’ll be able to reach targeted readers with an interest in the supernatural.

Ad spots available:

  • Half Page Back Cover (1) – $75
  • Half Feature Vertical Banners (5) $50
  • Quarter Page Island (1) $65

In the sample page a Half Feature Vertical Banner is shown. If you want to team up with other people to split a banner, like two bloggers that want to put their logo and url – you are more then welcome. Just let me know.

Half Page Back Cover:
With Bleed (Bleeds bottom & right): 8.125 in w x 4.915 in h
Safe Area: 7 w x 4 h

Half Feature Vertical Banners:
No Bleed: 2.2222 in w x 4.75 h
Safe Area: 1.9722 in w x 4.5 in h

Quarter Page Island:
No Bleed: 4.6111 in w x 4.75 in h
Safe: 4.325 in  w x 4.5 in h