Tired of posting the same thing over and over again? The same kind of blog tours, the same kind of reviews. Your blog is your littler dominion that YOU RULE. So play the part of the goddess and change things up, however you see fit. Get creative, do something different. Break out of that box and start your own trend.

Getting creative is hard though! Have I mentioned I used to work for an ad agency. A fast food of an ad agency, really. There were no deep though, creative sessions. We were expected to come up with idea after idea on a daily basis to market one product, for 200+ clients. It is very hard to be on all the time. I completely understand this. But, have to do this to keep your blog fresh. I covered tips on how to keep your blog fresh just a few weeks ago, but now we are going to go a bit deeper. Because, fresh is new ideas and new ideas spring from creativity. Let’s take a look at what other bloggers in all sorts of niche groups are doing and how you can be inspired by their creativity.


What does that mean? Well, when you diversify your financial portfolio you don’t put “all your eggs in one basket.” In blogging this could be combining a few ideas, or niche groups. You don’t have to be just a Young Adult blogger. You also don’t have to be just a book blog. One of my favorite new things to check out are the new Fashion & Fiction type posts that I’ve seen on a few blogs. I believe the concept came from a blog called Fiction to Fashion. But, now it has trickled down throughout the book blogging community and I’ve noticed tons of what are termed Book Looks. They are fabulous. Of course half the fashion stuff I couldn’t fit my left calf in, being of the plus variety – but I like pretty shiny things – and paired with books, win, win. It doesn’t have to be fashion – think about what you like to pair with books. Maybe it will inspired an idea.

A Book LookLet’s Celebrate

Everyone is always looking for a reason to celebrate. So – celebrate. Celebrate a movement. Host an event. Make up a holiday. Brainstorm on what you would like to celebrate and then think of ways you can celebrate that “thing.” Anyone can do this…even reality shows come up with events like National Dance Days (So You Think You Can Dance) and other similar days. Have at it. You could spark a trend. Organizations like ALA have come up with great reasons to celebrate… participate or come up with your own idea.

Get Creative with your blog

Chase a Trend

You don’t have to come up with the idea, you just have to make it work for you. Right now they are saying “image blogs” will be super popular in 2014. Make it work for you. You don’t have to be all images, for example, check out bookshelfporn.com – they took a trend and ran with it. You can do this too. Podcasting and audio recordings are also supposed to be hot. The Next Best Book blog came up with a great idea – they asked authors to read from their books – and then posted the audio. Brilliant.

Book Porn

ย What do you think? Any of these ideas inspire you?