PJV Quickie: A fun and sexy book! Hello, Emma Chase, it’s nice to meet you, I love your book. More importantly I have a crush on your characters…


TANGLED by Emma Chase is a sexy contemporary about Drew Evans, a rich, arrogant, Alpha male that you don’t know whether to kiss  or slap. I love these types of heroes! But, the even better part of this book – it is in his POV and it starts with him being a big old Hot Mess. A huge hot mess to be exact. So, the first thing you feel for Drew is pity. He says he has the flu, he won’t let his family in, or his maid…he insists he has the flu.

But, he doesn’t have the flu.

His problem is Katherine Brooks. The woman that can match Drew with every pace…she was hired by his father and a side-effect of her employment, is that she has thrown Drew’s world upside down. He’s not the golden boy anymore, his good looks aren’t working out like they usually do and now he’s forced to try really hard at his job, which usually came naturally to him. As he battles it out with Katherine, in every aspect, Drew suddenly comes to realize that his fascination with Katherine isn’t just competitive. The problem, Katherine isn’t going down easily. Not professionally and not with love.

The fresh point of view from the spoiled, rich boys perspective makes this book. Drew’s voice is hilarious, his thoughts are sexy and frustrating and fun. It was great being in his head and I want more! The romance also progressed perfectly, there was no submitting by the heroine to the will of the alpha male…it was a joint effort. Making this a refreshing new take on romance.

The narration was handle by Sebastian York and wow, what a voice. I wanted to curl up in his voice and make little audiobook babies with him…so perfect narration and a great take on romance, makes for a yummy romantic audiobook. Don’t miss out on this one.


Fans of sexy romance should really enjoy! This is an adult read and the sex is hot hot, so be prepared for sexy-time, nothing over the top though. If you like Sylvia Day and Abbi Glines you should really like Emma Chase.