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The 2014 Audie Awards Finalists and what an interesting list of audiobooks it is.

Avon Addicts is taking applications now through May 1, 2014. “Were you one of the first people to pick up a Candis Terry contemporary, and share it with your friends? When Eloisa James comes out with a new historical, are you already planning your online review even before the book hits your eReader? Do you bookmark Kerrelyn Sparks’ online chats because you can’t get enough of her quirky humor and alluring alpha male heroes? Do you sign up for every Jay Crownover cover reveal? Were you the fast to tell your friends when Sophie Jordan starting publishing historicals, YA and New Adult?”

Five Slightly More Plausible Dystopias We’d Love to See in YA Novels had me cracking up with laughter. “Heat Waves – IN A WORLD where the government regulates the temperature of microwaveable food so that no one burns their mouth on frozen burritos, one girl must fight for her family’s right to consume something other than lukewarm convenience foods.”

What are your thoughts on negative reviews of books? Do you post them or read them? I don’t mind if people do or if they don’t. Although excessive gushing about how great a book is WILL win me over!

Here are some awesome tips on how one blogger got over book review burnout. Does this ever happen to you? And here are 21 Questions to Ask When You’re in a Book Blogging Slump.

Wisdom from a YA Lovin’ Grandma – YA Books: Then and Now is a really awesome post about grown-ups who like Young Adult books (and I’m one of them). BUT it’s also a little irksome to me to see Adults Who Like YA Books bashing “Adult” books (whether intentionally or not). Trust me, there are “fun and engaging” adult books too. And YA is NOT a genre – so adult books also have “fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, thrillers, contemporary etc.”

YA Rules That Must Be Obeyed is a somewhat sarcastic – but true? – look at some of the over-used description and plot points in young adult books. Do you agree or disagree?

Recommended Reading for Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters is one of those posts I want to write for my favorite characters – both in movies and in books.

What are your favorite author discoveries throughout your years of blogging? Here’s a list of five discoveries in five years of blogging.

Scandals & News

Author Sarah Daltry claims she was bullied and is giving up on her writing career. But a few bloggers and fellow authors, are claiming she is doing this for publicity. It is a very weighty accusation. Sarah Daltry’s blog has been marked private after a few bloggers pointed out her moves were a suspected marketing ploy, but her books are still for sale. And the reason people are doubting her “cries of bully” is because her final post, shutting up shop, made sure to mention all her books and her characters.  But, her posts sparked attention by online magazines and her books were selling. So, she published a few more posts…promoting her books. It makes for quite a scandal. The unfortunate thing is, that if Daltry is “faking it” for publicity, she is damaging much more then her own career. She is insulting and injuring every person that has every been truly bullied. And if she is being bullied, maybe she’s right and creative careers are not for her.

It was announced that the Divergent final film will be split into two parts…and a few people are crying “GREED!” But what do we expect? The point is to make money. I am wondering what the movie goers who haven’t read the three books will think when they get to that ending?

Blogging Inspiration – On Blogging Style

Getty Images has announced that a new embedding feature launched on its website will make some 35 million images available for non-commercial use to anyone who wants them. Women Love Tech has all the deets.

When you write an opinion based post, do you feel the need to apologize at the beginning with a disclaimer saying sorry if you offend anyone? Sorry, I’m Not Sorry. “Why are so many bloggers beginning their posts by apologizing for the opinions they’re about to share? What is it that they have to be sorry for?”

Shouldn’t important information be in your blog post – like if your book review always contains spoilers? Do you look at a blogger’s description box first, before reading through blog posts? I know I don’t.

Do you reply back to all comments left on your blog? I only do it if a question was asked. I prefer to go visit the blog of a commenter and go comment on their posts.