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PJV Quickie: I was pretty excited to get Blindfolded Innocence for review, but quickly found myself frustrated with the progression of the relationship and plot.  

Julia Campbell is a young law student who has just broken off her wedding engagement and moved into a new apartment. She’s got a fresh start and a new job as an intern in a very prestigious law firm.  The partner she is working for is a hard worker who demands long hours, and has warned her off the partner at the other end of the building,where the hours are shorter and it seems like they’re partying every week.  A chance encounter with the ‘Playboy Partner’ puts Julia on his radar, and she might put up a good front but in reality she’s intrigued with this sexy, mysterious man.  Being with him could ruin her future career prospects, more importantly, it could also ruin her heart.

Brad DeLuca is the city’s most successful Divorce Attorney.  He’s also a notorious playboy who’s been known to sleep with his clients and interns.  Once he sees young, fresh-faced Julia, he knows he’s got to have her.  He’s been warned about dating the interns, and this one is not his usual type; he knows he’s got to tread lightly if it’s not going to blow up in his face when it’s over. And it will be over eventually – Brad DeLuca doesn’t do relationships.


When I saw the blurb for Blindfolded Innocence, I knew this would be a book I would enjoy – a sexy lawyer, a young intern, and ‘deviant tastes’?  Yes please.  As it turns out though, that’s not exactly what was delivered.

The story moved slowly.  There was a lot of set-up at the beginning, and some characters introduced and then ignored only to be pulled out as a plot device when the heroine needed someone to talk to about her problems.  While there was some sexual chemistry between them, Brad’s ‘deviant’ issue that kept him apart from her wasn’t revealed until almost the end of the book, and had nothing to do with his previous behavior at the strip club.  That strip club scene was disappointing in more ways than one: I felt let down by his actions, and the actions themselves were pretty vanilla, definitely not deviant and had noting to do with what he later stated were his ‘needs’.  I never saw romantic chemistry between these two, and that was disappointing.  Neither character grew out of their selfish personalities and honestly they kind of deserved each other:  they were both hard to like; Julia likes to tease guys almost to the brink of sex for an ego boost – it makes her feel confident, and Brad is happy as long as his d!ck is happy.

The end of the book (notice I did not say the end of the story) was certainly erotic, but there were several loose ends and a set up for a stalker. And while I kind of want to know what happens next, this is exactly the type of book I despise – it’s going to to be stretched across three books when it could probably be condensed into one or two.  I don’t think I’ll ever find out what happens next though, unless they carry them at my local library (doubtful), because I didn’t like the Blindfolded Innocence enough to want to spend money from my hard-earned ‘book budget’ on the next two books.

Fans of Boss/Employee stories, sexy weekends in Vegas, May/December relationships, and books set in a Law office may enjoy Blindfolded Innocence.

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